Do you need help paying your heating bills?

MCOHA offers a federally funded program to assist you, if you are of limited income. It is called the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, and it is available from November 1 through March 31.

You may be eligible for LIHEAP if you pay your fuel supplier directly for your heat, or your heat is included in unsubsidized rent.

Home Energy Assistance is a household benefit – one check per residence covers the entire family or economic unit. Eligibility for the LIHEAP program along with the grant amount varies based on family size and household monthly income. Gift of Warmth is also available, which provides additional funds to qualifying clients of NJ Natural Gas.

New Jersey Shares helps PSE&G, GPU Energy, Elizabethtown Gas, and New Jersey Natural Gas customers with their energy bills. Customers must have received a shutoff notice, a written notice of arrears, or a bill showing a balance in arrears.

HEAP can also cover cooling costs

HEAP can also provide a payment to you if you or someone in your household has a documented medical need for cooling assistance. You can receive up to $200 to pay your electric bill for usage of an air conditioner over the summer.

How to apply for LIHEAP

To apply for the program, you need to provide copies of monthly income statements, Social Security cards, heating and electric bills (as applicable), and proof of rent or ownership. Proof of medical necessity is only required if you’re applying for cooling assistance.
For more information, contact us at our MCOHA’s Dover and Morristown locations.

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