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Keeping Morris County Seniors Active.

MCOHA’s Happy Hearts (Corazones Contentos) Senior Citizens Program offers elder Hispanics support and opportunities for recreational, educational, and social activities. These bilingual programs keep our seniors engaged in social and community life.

Happy Hearts holds meetings in MCOHA’s Dover and Morristown locations. Both groups are taken to the Nutrition Center on their meeting days. The groups also benefit from monthly health seminars and screenings for chronic illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and depression. These screenings are provided in partnerships with St. Clare’s Hospital, Morristown Hospital and Zufall Health Center.

Keeping Our Minds with Healthy IDEAS, a program sponsored by The Horizon Foundation, is also available to help senior citizens who struggle with depression.

Happy Hearts (Corazones Contentos) Meetings

Dover Group
Meets 9am-11am Mondays & Thursdays for coffee & bingo

Morristown Group
Meets 1pm-2pm Tuesdays & Fridays for coffee & bingo

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