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Keep your family well by better understanding health information.

Understanding the health information that doctors and other healthcare providers give you is so important to keeping you and your family healthy. That’s why MCOHA, working with the Atlantic Health System, has started a Health Literacy program called Health Educación, which focuses on educating the Hispanic community.

Another new MCOHA program, Faithful Families Eating Smart and Moving More works with church communities to educate their members about healthy eating and activities. The Faithful Families curriculum is co-taught by nutrition and physical activity educators and trained lay leaders from faith communities in small group sessions. Lay Leaders bring the spiritual elements into each session, through discussion questions and “Thinking it Through” prompts in each lesson.
Through the Keeping Our Mind with Healthy IDEAS (Identifying Depression, Empowering Activities for Seniors) Program, funded by Horizon Foundation of NJ, MCOHA screens and identifies Hispanic seniors suffering from depression and works with clients with a behavior modification model that encourages involvement in meaningful, positive activities.

To Learn More . . .

Call MCOHA at (973) 366-4770 to find out about our health literacy programs

Did You Know . . ?

Health literacy is the ability to read, understand and act upon health information.
Those with limited health literacy have less health knowledge, reduced self-management skills, lower use of preventative services, and higher hospitalization rates.
Lower health literacy has also been cited as a cause of higher health care costs.

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